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According to the assumptions of the project, materials prepared for the e-resource are directed at presenting typical professional situations in the context of the brand language. The scope of professional tasks performed by an airport operational services technician includes: 1. obtaining and forwarding information concerning operational activities at an airport, including airport protection against acts of unlawful interference; 2. monitoring the state of the airport infrastructure; 3. conducting operational activities in accordance with the applicable procedures to ensure security of aviation and airport operations at the airport, 4. cooperation with entities authorised to conduct activities in the event of threat to airport security; 5. cooperation with aviation services. The scope of the professional tasks are in line with the knowledge acquired by the student in the school preparing for the given profession. Knowledge of a foreign language is becoming more and more important for Polish employers, who are more willing to cooperate with foreign companies. The employees themselves are more and more interested in improving their language competences, enabling them to be employed in the European Union member states at any time, which is facilitated by the opening of job markets. In order to meet these expectations, we provide teachers and students of Polish vocational schools with e-Resources to learn foreign professional language in the following professions: airport operational services technician 315406. The developed materials include i.a. videos, animations, audio sequences introducing material and didactic games and resources checking the level of material acquisition (mainly exercises). We encourage everyone to use them!*

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