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According to the assumptions of the project, materials that have been prepared for the e-resource are aimed at presenting typical professional situations in the context of the industry language. The range of professional tasks of a modern warehouse logistics specialists includes: 1. receiving and issuing goods out of the warehouse, 2. storage of goods, 3. taking responsibility for the goods stored in the warehouse, 4. keeping warehouse documentation. The range of professional tasks of a modern logistics technician includes: 1) receiving and issuing goods out of the warehouse, 2) storage of goods, 3) keeping the warehouse documentation, 4) planning, organizing, and documenting transport processes, 5) planning, organizing, and documenting forwarding processes. The scope of professional tasks is in line with what the student will learn in the vocational school. An innovation in a vocational school is the introduction to the educational process of compulsory learning of a foreign trade language. Knowledge of a foreign language is becoming increasingly important for Polish employers who increasingly boldly cooperate with foreign companies. The employees themselves are also interested in raising their language competences, as they can take up employment in the European Union countries at any time, which is facilitated by the opening of the labor markets. To meet these expectations, we provide teachers and students of Polish vocational schools with e-Resources for learning a foreign trade language in occupations: warehouse logistics specialist 432106 and logistics technician 333107. Among the prepared materials they can find, among others. films, animations, hypertexts that introduce material and didactic games and resources to check the level of content acquisition (mainly exercises). We encourage everyone to use them!*

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