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According to the assumptions of the project, the materials that have been prepared for the e-resource are aimed at presenting typical professional situations in the context of the language of a given industry. The range of tasks performed by modern environmental protection technicians includes: 1) assessing the condition of the environment; 2) monitoring the degree of air, water, and soil pollution; 3) preparing balance sheets of the pollution introduced into the atmosphere, water, and soil; 4) planning and running a rational waste management; 5) planning and carrying out works for environmental protection. The scope of professional tasks is in line with what the student will learn at vocational school. These educational materials in English contain vocabulary specific to the profession of an environmental protection technician. Knowledge of a foreign language is becoming increasingly important in professional work. It enables graduates to read industry press, participate in foreign training courses, undertake work or cooperate with foreign entities. The employees themselves, who can be employed in EU countries at any time as a result of the opening of labor markets, are also interested in raising their linguistic competence. To meet these expectations, we provide the teachers and students of Polish vocational schools with e-resources for learning the professional language of the profession of an environmental protection technician. Among the prepared materials you can find, among others films, animations, hypertexts that introduce material, and didactic games and resources which check the level of content acquisition (mainly exercises). The materials complement each other which allows for the acquisition of the terminology of a given field in a foreign language at the A2/B1 level. We encourage everyone to use them!

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