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According to the project’s assumptions, materials that were prepared for the e-resource are aimed at showing typical professional situations in the context of trade-specific language. The scope of professional tasks carried out by a forwarding technician includes the following 1) planning, organising and documenting transport processes; 2) keeping documentation concerning settlements with domestic and foreign customers and contracting parties; 3) carrying out work connected with monitoring the course of a transport and forwarding process. The scope of these professional tasks are what a student will learn in a Polish school preparing for practising given professions. Innovation in the Polish vocational school is introduction of compulsory foreign vocational language lessons in the training process. Command of a foreign language is of growing importance for Polish employers who are more and more boldly starting cooperation with foreign companies from the shipping industry. Also the employees, who at any time can take up employment in the European Union countries and who are favoured by the labour markets, are interested in developing their language competences. Making an effort to meet these expectations, we equip teachers and students of Polish vocational schools with e-Resources for learning a foreign vocational language in the following professions. We encourage everybody to use them!*

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