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In accordance to the assumption of the project, materials that have been prepared for the e-resource are directed at demonstrating typical professional situations in the context of the industry language. The range of professional duties of a modern tailor includes: 1. Creating and shaping clothing products; 2. Selecting materials and haberdashery for clothing products; 3. Operating machines and equipment used in the production of clothing products; 4. Producing clothing products; In turn, the fashion industry technicians, in their professional work focus on 1. designing clothing articles; 2. operating machinery and equipment used to manufacture clothing; 3. drawing up documentation on clothing manufacture; 4. manufacturing clothing articles; 5. organising and controlling clothing manufacture processes; 6. performing activities related to fashion marketing. The ranges of professional tasks are compliant with what the students will learn at a school that prepares them for a given profession. The innovation in the vocational school is the introduction of mandatory study of foreign industry language. The knowledge of a foreign language has an increasing significance to Polish employers, who are getting increasingly bolder in establishing cooperation with foreign clothing companies. The employees themselves are also interested in raising their qualifications, as at any moment they can seek employment in European Union countries, what is facilitated by the opening of job markets. In order to meet those expectations, we offer the e-resources for learning a vocational foreign langue in the professions of a tailor and a fashion industry technician to teachers and students of Polish vocational schools. Among the materials, you can find, among others, films, animations, audio sequences, which introduce the material and didactic games and resources checking the level of material assimilation (mainly exercises). We encourage everyone to use them!*

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